About Us

QuickTreX® is a manufacturer of high quality datacom products - such as copper cabling hardware, fiber optic cable assemblies, tools and testers - catering to the low voltage cabling industry for use in premise networks, security, and electrical applications. The company was founded in 2010, but the idea for the QuickTreX® brand had been in the works for many years. It was born from the daily experience of e-commerce pioneer Tony Casazza, throughout his many years of field installation as an electrician and cabling installer, plus his 13 years of operating an online datacom supply store.

"In the online store we faced the limitations set by various manufacturers and always knew that we could do much better in many different ways,” said Casazza. “At QuickTreX we develop products that are really in tune with the needs of the people who use them. Our main focus is the value of our products.”

Our logo represents our mission

The QuickTreX mission is to make products that enable technicians to swiftly and accurately accomplish their short and long-term goals (their treks, or “TreX”) with high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution, just like the swift and athletic cheetah symbolized in our logo.

Speed alone would never do. It is only when speed and agility are combined that the goal is achieved. QuickTreX products are designed for speed and agility. They stand out from the ordinary and are in a class of their own.

Product Design – Research & Development

We have acquired a vast amount of knowledge of our industry, identifying entities around the globe whose quality and R&D are above the rest and who are willing to work with us in developing new products. We partnered with these companies, shared ideas, and undertook the research and development with extensive consumer input.

QuickTreX® Total Quality Pledge and Warranty

At QuickTreX, we have a strong passion for our tools and a great admiration for the people who use them. We believe that the professionals who choose our tools take great pride in their workmanship and therefore deserve nothing but the very best. Our tools have been honed to achieve perfection and are thoroughly designed, engineered and tested by experts under real-world conditions. If you respect your QuickTreX tools and use them properly, they will give you back years of dependable results.

Here at QuickTreX, we believe the best warranty is the one you never have to use. If a QuickTreX tool fails due to a manufacturing defect or fails to give proper length of service, excluding normal wear, we will replace it at no charge. This does not include parts or products that are improperly used, abused, altered or repaired.


It is only possible to attain value when a product is both quality-made and reasonably priced. In today's world there are many who will bring products to market that are made to satisfy mainly the need for low cost. Then there are the consumers who foolishly consider low price as the only factor in comparing and choosing a product. It is easy to make a product cheaper by making it a little thinner, a little less accurate, and with lesser quality materials.

On the other hand, at QuickTreX we believe that a product can only have "true value" when it is made by caring individuals who take the painstaking time to do research and development, use quality materials, and resist the temptation to cut corners and/or overlook important details. But that is only half of the equation. We price QuickTreX products realistically and take great pride in them because of the genuine value that they represent to the consumer.